You didn't choose the ASD diagnosis.

But you can choose the quality of your ABA Therapy services and support.

An ASD diagnosis doesn't only affect your child.

It affects you, your partner, your family, your financial stability and every aspect of your life. Childwise is here to support, guide and service your entire family with every aspect of your journey so that you can all blossom and thrive despite, and because of your child’s ASD.


Focused on the Future

You’re concerned about what your child needs today. We’re equipped to guide your child into their future. So what starts with the here and now turns into a lifelong partnership of guidance and support.


Focused on the Family

Your child isn’t a disruption. Rather a beautiful soul that is wired in a unique way. Our goal becomes to teach your child and your family how to navigate the unique needs of ASD and how to maintain the highest quality of life for the entire family as a unit.


Focused on the Framework

Nothing about ABA should ever be a shot in the dark. We have a clear, proven and implementable system that has worked on hundreds of children and will work on yours. The treatment plan cannot, and should not be trial and error. Rather, a collection of data combined with your child’s unique set of skills and challenges.


Focused on the Foundation

Childwise works from the ground up. Instead of fanning the flames and being in a constant state of crisis control , we build a strong foundation with every child, one that spills over to every aspect of their day.

Real Progress starts with the Right Process.


A caring, knowledgeable team will be with you as you start your ASD journey. They will listen to your concerns. Answer your questions. And guide you to the next steps, whatever they may be.


We have strong relationships with all the insurance companies and we will take care of any paperwork and red tape that needs to be tackled so your child can benefit from the maximum services and support.


A kind, experienced professional will evaluate your child thoroughly in order to determine what level your child’s at and what the best plan of action is.


Once a treatment plan is determined, we start rendering the services in a consistent, professional and timely manner.


Weekly and monthly progress reviews will tell us if the treatment plan is yielding results or if any changes need to be made.

Our Partners in Climb.

It start with milestones.
In ends with long lasting progress.


  • Identifying challenging behavior and its function.
  • Teaching functional replacement skills to reduce maladaptive behavior.
  • Building tolerance for triggers.
  • Reducing reliance to maladaptive behavior.


  • Teaching functional communication skills.
  • Communicating wants and needs.
  • Understanding and responding to other.
  • Teaching non-verbal cues.


  • Developing playing skills.
  • Taking perspective.
  • Following routines.
  • Tolerating, responding to and interacting with peers.

The wise turn to Childwise. Why's that?

Services for the family

Parenting groups, sibling support groups amongst other resourceful services for the entire family.

Updates for the family

We involve and update the parents at every step of the way so they can understand the process and foster better outcomes.

custom plan for the child

No two children are alike and what works for one will not work for the other. Every child’s plan is custom created for their specific needs.

communication for all

No chasing after your child’s behavior technicians. We believe that holistic responsiveness is the key to successful collaborations.

Childwise spans across multiple state lines. But the destination remains the same:

Reaching the hearts and minds of children diagnosed with ASD at our Ohio-based center.

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