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Some see the diagnosis. We see the child.

Right Process

  • INTAKE – A meeting with our clinical director to verify eligibility. Afterwards, our knowledgeable team will guide you to the next steps, whatever they may be.

  • INSURANCE – A consult with our office staff to verify coverage. After verification, we will take care of any paperwork and red tape that needs to be tackled so your child can benefit from the maximum services and support.

  • ASSESSMENT – A kind, experienced professional will evaluate your child thoroughly in order to determine what level your child’s at and what the best plan of action is.

  • IMPLEMENTATION – Once a treatment plan is determined, we start rendering the services by trained and competent clinicians in a consistent and timely manner.

  • PROGRESS – Weekly and monthly progress reviews will tell us if the treatment plan is yielding results or if any changes need to be made.

The childwise promise

  • QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS: We vet, screen and train every practitioner and therapist before giving them access to work with your child.

  • UPDATED KNOWLEDGE: The field of ABA and special education is fast evolving. We keep up with the trends and best practices to bring your child the best result.

  • STANDARDS OF CARE: Good enough is never good enough. By tracking data, analyzing progress and holding all parties accountable at all times we set the bar as high as humanly possible.

  • ONGOING PARTNERSHIP: We’re here for you and your family. And that doesn’t end with the ABA services. Whatever it is you need, we stand by you to help and guide you.

long lasting progress

    – Identifying challenging behavior and its function.
    – Teaching functional replacement skills to reduce maladaptive behavior.
    – Building tolerance for triggers.
    – Reducing reliance to maladaptive behavior.

    – Teaching functional communication skills.
    – Communicating wants and needs.
    – Understanding and responding to other.
    – Teaching non-verbal cues.

    – Developing playing skills.
    – Taking perspective.
    – Following routines.
    – Tolerating, responding to and interacting with peers.

Holistic partner

  • SERVICES FOR THE FAMILY: Parenting groups, sibling support groups amongst other resourceful services for the entire family.

  • UPDATES FOR THE PARENTS: We involve and update the parents at every step of the way so they can understand the process and foster better outcomes.

  • CUSTOM PLAN FOR THE CHILD: No two children are alike and what works for one will not work for the other. Every child’s plan is custom created for their specific needs.

  • COMMUNICATION FOR ALL: No chasing after your child’s behavior technicians. We believe that holistic responsiveness is the key to successful collaborations.


Words cannot describe how valuable our child’s time spent with Jennifer at Childwise ABA was. After only a few months of sessions, she equipped our child with everything he needed to function independently in a mainstream school setting. She was a terrific advocate for our child and was able to clearly communicate our child’s abilities to school administrators using thorough data, so they would be comfortable allowing him entry into their school. We also found her to be highly ethical in her practice. When it came time to discharge him, she was very upfront and honest, telling us that our child no longer needed her services. Today, he is thriving academically and socially, and we owe Jennifer our highest level of gratitude for getting us to this point. We highly recommend her services. One thousand stars!

David and Chana Chavkin


Profit Director

Yossi Greenbaum

For 8 years, Yossi manage teams, built businesses, fueled success and solved problems. Through his expertise in multiple companies he learned to tackle challenges and break through barriers.

Now, he brings his business savvy to Childwise. Because when a business is well run, the boots on the ground can channel all their energy into one thing:

Helping children progress.

Clinical & State Director - Ohio

Jennifer Koch, M.Ed., BCBA, COBA

For over a decade Jennifer has worked as a BCBA, guiding children, teens and adults with ASD. She is as passionate about ‘real’ ABA as she is disciplined with implementing accountable systems for individualized and long lasting progress. She is a big believer in setting children with ASD up not just for today, but for whatever life throws at them at every age and stage.


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